Just had some feedback from Gary and he was very happy with the service you provided, just wanted to say thank you for taking such good care of him. Andy, Canada

I had a great experience in Copenhagen and I really appreciated all the effort that you put into the training. As far as the language and cultural training it was the best of the 3 locations I'd visited. Gary Bishop, USA

I'd like to pass on my gratitude for providing such an outstanding language teacher. My teacher has already helped me overcome pronunciation problems that have plagued me since I began language training nearly a year ago. Very, very happy with the quality of instruction. Gary Bishop, USA

I want to let you know that I was thoroughly impressed with the way you run your business, and I couldn't have asked for a better visit. I tried to praise you as much as I could in my trip report back to my boss. :) Thank you so much for everything you did for us! Kyle Cone, USA

Thank you so much for all of your help these past two weeks. You have made our experience here the best of our entire trip! THANK YOU! Heather Crooks, USA

I took the Teach-Train course in Danish when I was an intern there in the Fall of 2006. I had a delightful time and really enjoyed it. My instructor, Eva-Marie was wonderful and really made learning easy. Kevin Mathews, USA

Mabelís mother has informed me that she is very happy with the first Danish lesson. Mabel thought that Solveig was very inspirational. Thatís a result! Thank you to both of you. Benedicte, GB

Just to let you know that Victor is still very pleased with his English lessons! Thank you so much! Benedicte, GB

The language course I attended has been very useful. The teacher understood perfectly what kind of training I was looking for. The study material that I received was really useful and the teacher also helped med find the right books to continue studying Danish at home. I also had a lot of fun taking lessons, and this is the best way to learn a new language! Natalia Mancini, Italy

My Swedish teacher Ewa was a really nice instructor. Nina HÝst, DK

Ewa, my Swedish teacher was a really good and engaged instructor. Tine Nielsen, DK

I think it was great that the group was small, it made the training more focused and goal oriented. My teacher was good at making everybody participate and correcting the mistakes we made etc. Inge Stenberg, DK